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I loooove the Original Film in all its Glory and Weirdness.
And i have to say, this Version is not for everyone.
But if you have a deep love for the Coppola Film, and if you like me love the old original movies as well, this might be right up your alley.

2022 was my Vampire Year. I went on a hunt for Vampire Movies, old ones, newer ones, good ones and shaddy ones.
I just love the Theme and there are so many good films out there.
Naturally when i stumpled upon Paul´s Cut i had to give it a go.

I was a total treat.
From the first screen, the old images mixed in the new ones, the colours and the Music:
all well put together.
The chosen Soundtrack is immaculas here, it fits very well. The Soundtrack on its own feels missing something, and with the Intentional use in Dracula 1931 its very good...but i felt it here more i have to say.

I always loved the Over the Edge production that Dracula was, although with time i have to admit, i wished for some better actor than Keanu in the lead, but hey...

This Version is a total different spin, a view only old movies had, and the idea of taking all the Bombast down to a Silent Movie, with great choice of Music is just wonderfull. But still weird as this cut tiks some boxes some viewers find strange.
The sudden Death of Dracula is mentioned in some reviews, but i saw a lot of other old Vampire Movies and ai have to say in most of them the Death of the Main Villian seems rushed, so in this spirit i did not mind.

Some Scenes and the work done is just amazing for a laymann like me.
Great editing choices.

I loved it every second, and it will not be the last time, that i see it.

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