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As a scifi kid of the 70s shows like Buck Rogers and Battlestar Galactica have a special place in my heart. Even with all the 70s-ness! Takes me back to that fun time as a kid. I remember watching season 2 of Buck and just not enjoying it as much as the first season. But there were a few little things that were still enjoyable. And pulling the flashback segments from season 2 and incorporating them here are great! Not only does this give us all the footage from the extended tv pilot (vs the theatrical cut), it adds those few other touches to expand on the story. While I could nitpick that there are kinda different explanations from the newly added scene, and the narration explaining what happened to Buck, my enjoyment of it just looks beyond that. And Buck's continuity was always a bit flexible.

Visuals look gorgeous and the pilot movie seemed to take itself a little more seriously than what the series later did. Great stuff and enjoyed all of it.
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