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Loving Lapis Molari's Buck Rogers edits! Like his others it cuts some of the sillier stuff out, but without losing the campy (I do not mean that negatively) fun that is Buck Rogers in the 25th Century! It's a good camp. Adding Buck feeling lonely, out of place in his new found time, with elements from a different episode again adds a nice bit of depth to his character that was often ignored. Grabbing these little moments from other episodes work well in fleshing his character out.

My only slight down rating (9 instead of 10) is just on the audio. Overall mostly great, but there was a scene with Buck and Huer before Buck leaves and the audio seemed much lower. (mind you could have been my sound system?) And while I really like adding in the reference to Anarchia from Theo, don't feel like I would have understood it if I had not read about it in the comment thread in the forums. Always sounds like Theo is holding in a burp while saying that line. BUT!!! Overall that is an extremely minimal complaint in an overall fun and improved Buck Rogers TV movie! Many thanks again for creating these.
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