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Movie-to-TV August 07, 2021 2388
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BionicBob does what he does best in this edit by mixing his love of great (even if sometimes lesser appreciated) gems and re-imagining it through his encyclopedic knowledge and love of numerous genres; in this case, the greatest decade of them all, the 1980s (You can disagree with that statement, but you'd be wrong!)

I love the concept of this project on multiple levels, from the re-worked mythos of BB as an ongoing T.V. show to it's bitter ratings drop to comic-con cult-trading classic. Many of us remember the days before the interwebs where bootlegs were not just a magical holy grail, but getting them was often a mythic (and sometimes expensive) journey, and Bob blends all of that nostalgia wonderfully in this lost video tape concept.

Now, to the actual product and ratings.

Technical (A/V quality, Visual Editing and Audio Editing): 10 across the board.
It's a little cheat I suppose because the goal here is to degrade the quality, but to do it convincingly is actually a bit of an art, and he pulls off the balance just right here making it feel authentic. The edits are seamless, and the audio work is great, particularly with the intros and outros to the commercial breaks. It takes some work to get the right 'natural' feel and everything about this feels authentic for the era it replicates, including the fantastic work on making it a 4:3 frame. Great work!

Narative: 10
Being a 1 hour episode (minus credits and tv breaks) Bob does a great job of creating a compelling chapter within the broader story, with an appropriate "previously" section so that as a viewer we have everything we need to dive in. I would say the only thing missing for me would be a "Next week" teaser at the end that sometimes ran with such projects.

Enjoyment: 10
The most subjective category, I have to give a 10. This was FUN. Having grown up in the 70s and 80s, this edit speaks directly to that innocent version of me who adored all the lunatic television and films in a world where cable was an extreme luxury and the closest thing to the internet was a BBC you'd access with your phone modem. My brother in law was wandering in and out of the kitchen as i watched this and he in particularly loved the commercial breaks and NBC spots.

If you didn't grow up in or live through the 1980s, this is absolutely an authentic treatment of what TV was like.

I'm square in the middle of the target audience for this, and it delivers. Great job Bob!
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