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This is a review for Buffy: The Prophecy Final Cut
I found it to be an entertaining movie.
I like this edit because I can experience Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a short amount of time.
The movie as a whole works but the second act has some strange parts.
In the middle of the movie that nightmare scenes. One dream Buffy is speaking to her dad and he tells her to never contact him again. In the second dream Buffy is at school taking a test and it bothers her that she doesn't know the answers because she hasn't studied.

I thought the scenes come out of nowhere with no mention they are dreams.
However I felt that these scenes show us what Buffy is going through. Thinking her father doesn’t love her anymore and she has been spending so much time slaying vampires there is no time to study.
It is disappointing Buffy’s friends are introduced at the beginning of the movie, but have very little screen time.
The film mainly focuses mainly on Buffy and Angel.
Overall I Highly recommend this fanedit!
If you are a fan of Buffy or Vampire movies this movie is for you, check it out.

Keep up the great work NewSpock looking forward to more Buffy seasons as movies

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