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the first time i tried to watch this movie, the studio version, (with my wife) i fell asleep. i'm in love with cAguilera and i still couldn't stay awake. when i read about Wraith's version i was looking forward to the excuse to try watching it again. i was not disappointed. the changes and the quicker pace did help to keep me awake 'till the end.

i watched it compressed to a single layer dvd which was my choice so i can't say anything about the A/V quality. the Vid and Aud work was also flawless, no problems there.

while i really enjoyed the uninterrupted Alan Cumming routine was nice, but seeing it pop up again later on was off putting. but easily explained as a different night, same performance just like any other theater house. and its the part my wife didn't like much either, but she did see that there wasn't much way around it.

other than that small and pretty nit-picky thing, the edit was fantastic. and i appreciate the work that went into it.

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