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FanFix January 31, 2019 6810
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With this light edit, the movie goes by at a much brisker pace, focusing on the things that drive our heroes to make their choices rather than the situations, we get to learn more about the villian alongside them as they deal with thier own troubles. The use of the newsport interview (complete with a nifty way of working around the aspect ratio), does a lot to put the drama of the accords forward and also educates people on the history of Ross in the MCU. About the only niggle I have is the use of a wipe to transistion to Tony arriving near the compound at the end, the music switch is particularly jarring...the idea isn't bad, but the execution is a bit flat. Perhaps it would have been better to have just let the Wakanda scene play out and then cut to Tony arriving at the compound.

That major strike against it aside, it's a very good edit and it still ticks all the required boxes to follow along and enjoy the sory
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