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(Updated: May 02, 2021)
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Another great Bobson edit. I have two quibbles here, but the good so much outweighs the bad that I'd still say this replaces the original cut on the shelf. I did a deep dive into why this film is so great here:

But as far as the quibbles, the first is common to all the Bobson edits I've seen: non-subtitled language. There are only a couple bits, but they're not moments where we the audience are supposed to be in the dark about what's being said. It's not that kind of film. Missing these lines of dialogue, while not a dealbreaker, is a knock on my enjoyment. Ideally, these would just be hardcoded into the appropriate moments. The other one is simply an abrupt cut at the very end of the film, where Sam's line gets eaten by a cut to black.

Those aside, the narrative is made much stronger by the inclusion of the deleted scenes, all of which are good. TM2YC's work completing the green screen scene is unnoticeable, as are all the other A/V edits in the film. This one is near flawless, cheers Bobson.

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