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Dead Man's Chest is a movie that I feel is underrated. It's not as good as the first one, but its better than the mediocre 4 and the terribly disappointing 3.

After hearing about these edits, as a POTC fan I quickly downloaded it. Can't say I quickly watched it but after a while I did watch it, and I can say that this is a pretty good alternative.

First off, I liked the new color correction, however the sky and sea was too green that it distracted me. While the original was mostly green it wasn't distracting, here it was because I guess getting rid of the other greens higlighted the rest. That being said, it's not terrible. It is good. The quality was great, the editing was flawless.

About the narrative, not much is changed, except the 12 minute deleted sequence. I understand why it was cut but in my first time viewer eyes I had many questione in my head like "How did Bootstrap end up in the Flying Dutchman?" or "Where is Jack's hat?" or after the Kraken spits it, "When and how did Jack lose his hat?"

The only problem I had with the movie was the love triangle, and how it's gone here is great.

Watching the 12 minute sequence is necessary for me. Then the problem I had is gone, but then it's replaced with; "What happened to the black spot?" I know this may be a nitpick to some audiences, but to me it's important. The black spot is for the Kraken, as explained in the sequence. When it is gone after the deleted sequence, it's unsatisfying.

So basically my feelings with the edit is the same with the theatrical. My choice of which version will be on my shelf depends on The Song of the Brethren Court. If that edit is as good as I hope, then The Heart of Davy Jones and The Song of the Brethren Court will replace Dead Man's Chest and At World's End on my shelf. Otherwise Dead Man's Chest will remain and I will have to do my own edit of At World's End ;)

SIDE NOTE: I won't be doing an edit of Dead Man's Chest if the above circumstance is the case. With only 10 minutes cut it would be pointless to cut, export, upload, submit etc.. Some things, you just gotta force yourself to bear. (This is why Dead Man's Chest Shaved is unnoticed and the only person who did see it rated it low)

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