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Welcome to the Try Not To Get Political when mentioning this movie challenge spectacular!!! With your host me, myself and I. Many lives were accosted during The Great Captain Marvel war of 2019. It is always a good sign when the fanbase is divided/alienated, especially when some just wanted to get to Endgame. Brie Larson CAN ACT (i.e. Scott Pilgrim), despite some moments in this movie. So here is my stance on her politics.... Jude Law is so very handsome and hunky.

Now, where were we? This edit is a triumph of MCU fan editing. It is on par with macmillan's Avengers: Asssembled, Kikanator96's Age of Ultron: De-Whedoned and Bobson Duggnutt's TASM2/Homecoming edits. Captain Marvel as an idea isn't a bad one, the way the do the flashbacks are great rather than exposition dumping. Thank Kang that the editor cut the "cockpit" moment and moments of Vers being unlikeable. The first chunk with all of the cringe cut, made me realize how much I love the sci fi elements in the Kree home world as well as some of the world building.

My problems arise when they get to Earth, to no fault of the editor. I was reminded of the continuity errors in this movie. For example, S.H.I.E.L.D. already has the acronym when they were coming up with it in the first Iron Man movie coupled with the tesseract ending up where it is in this movie. Don't get me started on the Nick Fury eye loss. Spider-Man: Far From Home retconned his eye scar to have claw marks on it. Anyway, with all of the negatives out of the way, I was reminded how great most of the character moments are with all of the condescending moments cut. I found myself routing for Carol Danvers and her journey.

I also was reminded how great Nick Fury was in this movie, aside from a few quibbles. I even don't mind the Skrulls-are-good twist, I can head canon myself in saying that it is not the Skrull race as a whole. Also replacing "Just A Girl" with "Violet" by Hole was the best decision. Is this my go-to version of this? Maybe. I might even give it a few more watches. If it is any consolation, I would absolutely show this to my daughter if she were to turn out just as nerdy as me. Thank you for this edit, you made me find the love for this movie. This should have gotten FEOTM or even FEOTY.

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Owner's reply March 05, 2023

Thank you so much, that is high praise indeed!!! :D

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