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The nostalgia factor is high on this one, but I'd reckon you could show this to kids today and they'd love it.
The basic premise is simple: a video game princess (Lana) is being threatened by a bunch of baddies and sends for a prophesied "game master" to come conquer the video game worlds. Enter Kevin, a good-hearted 15 year old kid who's really good at video games, a bit desperate for a girlfriend, and perhaps just a bit of a slacker. Throw in an odd selection of old skool NES characters as sidekicks, and you've got the recipe for some great episodic TV.

The challenge here is in making this work as a movie, which...honestly it kind of doesn't. There's just no hiding the episodic nature of the story, but I will say that the editor does a great job selecting episodes that do give a feeling of a whole arc. There's a definite beginning, middle, and end, plus a lot of high points in the middle. There's the wacky olympics episode, the one where Simon Belmont falls in love with Mother Brain, and don't think I didn't notice that as many different outfits as possible were included for Princess Lana. (If you want to be oddly turned on, look up her voice actress!) Yes, perhaps part of the desperate appeal of the show was that Kevin legitimately got the Princess at the end of most episodes, unlike Mario (who was conspicuous by his absence.) If you're into Smash Bros and Ready Player One, you can have a lot of fun with the cameos here from Donkey Kong, various Mega Man enemies, and Kid Icarus characters I knew nothing about.

Technically, the visual editing is pretty great, with only one fade out that seemed a bit overlong to me. Most of the trims within episodes were smooth otherwise. The audio is also mostly good except the reintegration of the songs. While fun moments, the quality is fairly poor and jarring. The file itself has a nice menu and several other fanedit trailers, though the size seems rather large for all this. All in all, this edit delivers a fun experience for little kids and grown up ones too, and made me wish there was a sequel for Season 2 of the show with Game Boy, the King, and more wacky cameos.

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