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TV-to-Movie January 16, 2014 5570
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Sound quality was inconsistent in several spots. For example during the "Shakedown" and "Danger Zone" montages, the sound was much quieter and of much lower quality than just before and after the songs.

Video quality was also shaky in spots (like literally shaking). That is likely from the source, and not a result of editing. One transition looked like it used an interlaced stillframe as an establishing shot though, which was kinda bad.

I didn't really like how commercial breaks, and end of episodes were handled in many occasions. Most/all of these spots could have just been setup as a regular transition from one scene to the next without the need for the fade out/fade in break which would have maintained better immersion and not felt as episodic. Though some that did transition one scene to the next were faded poorly. Example, when Eggplant Wizard called mother brain on the banana phone, his voice faded out while he was still speaking.

Regarding the narrative, the first 15 minutes and last 15 minutes did a good job of starting and closing a movie feel. The middle though didn't really escape the episodic feel.

Overall - technically speaking, this is a below average edit. However - in the enjoyment category (which is arguably the only one that really matters) - I score this edit above average. This is largely due to originality of the chosen material and nostalgia. So, even though I acknowledge that this fanedit has its flaws and could have been edited better, it was still a great walk down memory lane, I'm happy to have watched it and would recommend it for anybody who watched Saturday morning cartoons in the 80s or early 90s.

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