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(Updated: April 15, 2022)
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It's been years since I saw this film so I used this to reintroduce myself to it.
The visual quality is mediocre at times and could be fine-tuned with better sources.
I liked the subtitle exposition because it feels authentic to the source.
If anything, I think more exposition with subtitles could have benefited the aesthetic.
The pacing improved considerably with the cuts, making it easier to get through.
Lots of things I dislike have been removed, but I don't think it went far enough.
The Oompa Loompa songs are awful and can be cut out entirely.
They add nothing except bad musical interludes that interrupt the flow.
The best choices were to remove the dentist subplot and Wonka's backstory.
Charlie is toned down, which is nice, but the other kids cannot be salvaged.
Also, did anyone else remember Helena Bonham Carter in this? Surprised me.
This edit is more faithful to the book. Nevertheless, the 1971 film is so much better.
If you enjoyed this film to begin with, this is a better way to watch it, in my opinion.

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