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This edit was quite a bit of fun, but sadly had it's technical issues :(

It's amazing that this movie is already ten years old, before I never really liked Tim Burton's take on the story and always preferred the original but this movie has grown on me although I still had problems with it. This edit eliminates most of the issues seamlessly, Willy Wonka's dad is gone (thank god), strange humour is gone, and Charlie is no longer the most saint-like child on the damn planet. The movie did confuse me at the beginning with the extremely long introduction that contained really long stills that explains the characters but I think the same thing could have been done just with the narration at the intro and just leaving out the description of the other kids as we just meet them when Charlie does later in the film. I understand that this is a "book cut" but it doesn't literally have to be 100% on par with what the book says, especially when it's just the prologue.

Audio/Video Quality:
Sadly needs improvement, the movie comes in a 4:3 format even though the original footage used was obviously widescreen because everything looks so narrow (of course I fixed this with some quick tv settings but the edit should come with the proper aspect ratio)

The edit also drops in resolution in scenes where footage is re-arranged and modified during the songs to remove the kid that the Oompa-Loompas are singing about, this really is noticeable and takes me out of the experience

Seamless other than the resolution problem mentioned earlier

Simpler, better, more fun, fast paced movie.

The movie was definitely improved but technical issues need to be addressed.

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