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Recently started watching the show Chucky out of curiosity (not a terrible watch by any means) and then I saw this edit dropped. Figured I’d give it a watch and man am I glad I did.

Out of all the fanedits I’ve watched, I think this one may have one of the smartest choices I’ve seen and it pays off HUGE! Moving the Charles Lee Ray prologue to much later in the film and making the small tweaks leading up to it really make this movie hit so much differently compared the the theatrical version. The original is certainly enjoyable but this edit will forever replace it for me.

It’s been a minute since I’d seen the original and I went into this cold without reading the cultist. I’ll probably find myself doing that more often now. There were no out of place audio or video cuts whatsoever so top marks there for sure. It’s funny, watching it I felt like there were some subtle cuts that I just couldn’t put my finger on. Reading the cut list after made it make sense. All of the little trims used to eliminate you seeing Chucky’s hand, feet, etc. leading up to the big reveal was what I was “missing.” Anyone watching the movie for the first time would never think it was edited any different.

Overall and incredibly enjoyable watch! If you like the Child’s Play series or are even a casual horror fan, check this out for sure. I doubt you’ll be disappointed. Dwight Fry killed it.
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