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(Updated: July 17, 2023)
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My only issue with it was the flashback. I would've preferred a cut of Billy Ray performing the ritual on the doll (Norris doesn't see him do this) and kept the audio, lightening, and explosion of the ritual. We see him attempt to perform the ritual later on Andy. I really liked all the "new" set-ups, with Charles Lee Ray being mentioned repeatedly on the news. Not really new, but with the beginning switched to a later flashback, they end up being set-ups to a pay-off later. As is, it is a superior cut to the studio edit.

Other than that, the only other issue is something that can't be fixed and that's a missed opportunity in the script for some further set-up, pay-off, and a bit of character development from Detective Norris. Earlier in the film, Andy tells Karen that the doll's name is Charles Lee Ray, and I wish Andy had repeated this in the police station later. This could've activated Norris' path earlier, and it would've been nice to see him do some sleuthing that would've teased out his flashback encounter with human Chucky and get him in doll Chucky's sights in a very natural way.

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