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The Chronicles of Narnia film trilogy is for the most part a pretty good crop. The spirit of the stories is there, the casting is decent and the effects have aged well considering the first film came out 10 years ago. However, the films aren't without their faults. C.S Lewis isn't a writer with a sense of great detail like his friend J.R.R Tolkien. The battle in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe isn't even described in the book, so the producers have had to improvise a fair bit with the film series.

The film version of Prince Caspian isn't without it's faults. The raid on Miraz's castle was the bit that stuck out the most, as well as the romance subplot between Caspian and Susan. However both of these elements have been excised by this edit, which helps to de-clutter the narrative. It also feels like a much more nimble film. The trimmed opening works a lot better too. The film runs a fast two hours, and there was only one bit aspect of that which jarred: The missing Nikabrik. As the scene with the White Witch is gone, Nikabrik is there when Caspian blows the horn but disappears from the film after this. Besides this minor quibble, I recommend this edit. Thanks SoboFilms.

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