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A reasonably good take on an overly-long film.
The film is a lot stronger removing the Susan / Caspian "romance" that went nowhere, as well as removing the castle attack.
The new opening is MUCH better as well.
However, there is still a lot of extraneous fluff there. Maybe more of the baddies back-adn-forth could have been removed (I know already a lot has gone). And I think the battle could have been a lot shorter as well. LWW and PC both suffer from post Lord of the Rings blues. Too much battle! That's not the point!
Unfortunately I think removing the White Witch scene was a big mistake. It flattens the character arcs of Peter and we lose the resolution of Edmund. I imagine that was sacrificed to get rid of the castle. Maybe the castle should have been reduced instead of just cut? The point of the castle scene is to really highlight their dependence on Aslan. WHen they just blast ahead without consulting him, they fail.

I also think it was a big mistake adding the scene with the unfinished effects in. The scene added nothing to the film, it was obvious why it had been cut, and it totally jarred. This scene alone makes it impossible to replace the original. I knocked off a couple of points for visual editing for this. If you desperately wanted this scene you should have found a way to cut around or replace the unfinished FX.
However, the orchards scene was a nice addition.

Sound was fine, but Stereo - why? Why not keep it 5.1? Docked some points for that. Also the Disney logo right at the beginning starts off very low then suddenly JUMPS.
Oh, I missed the roar at the end.
Other than that solid editing. Video and Audio quality very good.

A good first effort. But I'd like to see a v2!

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