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(Updated: December 09, 2016)
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As a fan of the Narnia books since childhood really enjoy the seven books and the first two movies, not to mention the BBC miniseries, although the adjustments had their differences had the spirit and many of the elements of the novels, but returning to see the second, I've noticed that (like many films produced by Disney), always tries to be as long as possible so they often resort to fill, as proof this whole '' Suspian '' and the sequence castle, elements that have to account only gave the best-looking one more clumsy and slower pace.

In this edition it was decided to give a route and spirit more similar to the book and to be honest I think it does, the movie is narratively much more skilled, when I noticed, had already spent two hours of footage and not even notice the cuts. Well there is a scene in which Peter for and sits immediately for some reason, but it's a detail.

The introduction is almost perfect (eliminating a detail that speaketh then), then advances with buenritmo to a surprising climax that does not feel overloaded, it feels with the right amount of war to this story.

I only had two problems with the edition:

1) The romance between Susan and Caspian: While they are not romantically involved, there are some scenes that made me fear for a moment that they would be, there are several scenes that seem to be giving himself looks somewhat strange for people who are just allies, but the most noticeable is when Lucy and Susan will go to Forest, the scene has too many silences and looks to be normal allies and several times it looked like both really have something.

2) The Nerd: That scene is horrible and sadly is in the assembly, had it not been for that scene, the introduction would have been perfect.

I do not bother the disappearance of Nikabrik, since this is not the first time I see an adaptation in which a character disappears without reason, but it was something strange, I think a good way to put it without the sequence of the castle, looks like this: Come the Telmarines, Caspian is doubtful about what to do because of the large army, Nikabrik tells him that if he wants to end the war need your help and is introduced to the white witch.

In general, an improvement on a clumsy narrative film.
It is the closest thing to a purist version that will derive from this movie.

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