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(Updated: August 28, 2012)
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I watched the whole thing in one go, yesterday (DVD Version)

Picture and soundquality are quite good. It seems that the scenes from part 1 are a little bit darker then the others, part 3 quality is the best.

1885: As the original movie this is a straight part, I couldn’t spot any changes
1955: This is the best part IMHO. The clock-tower and “Enchantment under the Sea”-sequences are just amazingly cut. Looks like it was planned by Mr.Zemeckis (or whoever was involved in writing the whole thing) from the beginning.
1985 & A-1985: The passage from one 1985 to the other works out fine, also the cutting of the part 1 and 2 scenes. The part3-scenes with the flying locomotive appeared a little strange to me.
2015: A little of a rough ending here, and watching all end credits from all parts is a little bit tiring, but what else could have be done?

I was surprised how short the last three parts are. In the original parts 1 and 2 it never came out so clear, that most of the scenes were in playing in 1955.

Thanks for that unique experience.

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