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with the BTTF films being told in Chronological order without many major cuts being made we have an edit that last over 5 hours. i had to watch this over two days and to be honest it was a real struggle watching these films in this order. whenever i watch a fanedit i of course remember the original and with the BTTF series I've re-watched them many times other the years. but i try and put myself in a situation as if this is the first time I'm watching the film

we start with BTTF III 85mins into the edit Marty travels in time but with this being told chronologically we the viewer are now transported into 1955. this goes against everything that were told within the first 85 mins as the Doc states when Marty is worried that the bridge isn't complete the Doc reassures him that it will be there in 1985. so we go from Marty wearing a western outfit to wearing something completely different and the DeLorean that wasn't running cause it didn't have any fuel fine. 3 hours later we see the Marty from Part III in 1985 on the train track so we can now connect the dots.

this is a issue i have with the edit as i constantly had to remember things that happen some 1, 2 or 3 hours early to make sense of it all. when Doc, Marty and Jen travel into the future we instead go to an alternative present, Marty family is one minute geeky then in a space of 20 mins their completely different.

as i've said at 5 hours this is really long but i feel the editor could have made some cuts in improving the films narrative and getting the runtime to around 4 hours long. we two 2 actress playing Jennifer i think with a little work the actress from part I could have easily been removed. the sequence from Part I with the clock tower being inter cut with footage from Part II takes along time considering Doc says they have 4 mins.

overall the edit does what it sets out to do it re-tells the BTTF films in Chronological order, but my overall feelings was that a more condense cut maybe told in the style of Pulp Fiction could have benefited the edit. that being said this is the only negative review

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