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Great job on condensing some of the best parts of the first three seasons into one movie. This was a great introduction into the series, because it basically introduces all of the major players of the Clone Wars (besides the bounty hunters naturally) and sets up some of the basic themes of the series. The story is nothing special, it's classic fun Star Wars, which I appreciate. I like how the heart of the movie is with the clones of Domino Squad, which are some of my favorite episodes so far (I'm still in Season 3 as far as the series goes) and shows a little of the cost of war and the spirit and even humanity of soldiers (RIP, 99!). In this movie structure it feels a little more family-friendly rather than just 20-minute just kid-friendly episodes (not that anything is wrong with that, but Seasons 1 & 2, maybe even some of 3 were pretty rocky for Star Wars, and this is a better way to present them).

I do have some problems with this in that it could feel a little long and redundant with some of the episodes included, specifically with the Ahsoka and Koth/Grievous scenes that don't really build up to much (Ahsoka is introduced and is later told to stay at the Jedi temple before the climax). It's alright, they're just introductions to these long term characters, but 1) I feel like one movie should stand on its own and have every aspect of it to add to what the theme is about, and it just feels like they were pretty inconsequential, and 2) The film has quite a slow pace to it. I feel like there could have been a better way/place to introduce Ahsoka & Grievous without slowing down the pace and not adding much to the film, however I have to think about it long and hard to implement it in a better way than smudger did, because I also feel like he did the best he could to make this film as best as possible.

Finally there is one audio error with Yoda saying "Go with you she will to the temple, Kidnapped Master Koth has been" and Yoda's line is cut before he continues so it sounds like "Go with you she will to the tem- kidnapped, Master Koth has been..." which took me out.

Even with all the criticism I have, I think this is a very good and much better introduction to the Clone Wars series.
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