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(Updated: October 30, 2017)
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My favorite of smudger9s edits. A totally streamlined, exciting film that makes good use of the fanedit phenomenon. The plot isnt as episodic as some of the others in this series, but the real achievement here is the further, more intriguing development of Anakin as a worthwhile center weight. With the photorealism that f/x are taking on nowadays, how bout just replacing Hayden in the prequels with our Clone Wars Anakin? I think i could utterly enjoy the prequels without irony if such a move, however weird, was made.

I groan every time the battle droids speak (ummmm....sir...., etc. etc), but thats a fix for the really uber-detailed, masochistic editor. In terms of story, and commitment to character, i highly and absolutely recommend this one. Whether it was intentional or limited by the editing choices given, that final scene, with Anakin, R2D2, and Ahsoka, is incredibly moving. Note no Padme for the final moment (and she could have been there). There is a simple, austere sense of accomplishment and relationship here among the heroes that really matter to this chapter. And I found myself, again, moved by the power of realizing THIS Anakin is fated to the Dark Side. It's an Anakin worthy of the title of "hero". Can you imagine his final battle with Obi-Wan played out in animated Clone Wars movie? Chills thinking about it, THIS Anaking getting his legs cut off and left for dead, THIS Anakin getting the helmet put on, etc.

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