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(Updated: September 20, 2023)
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This edit is nothing short of masterful! What's most impressive is the focus on story telling, the flow of each individual episode as well as the flow of each season. This is, without a doubt, the best way to watch The Clone Wars.

I decided to start with the three Dooku focused episodes from Tales of the Jedi (a wonderful three act prologue that gives the character SO much more depth), then watched the two prologues; Dark Force Rising (a fantastic edit of the Tartakovsky series that fits perfectly into the overall canon of the series) and Life and Death, which introduces the character of Ahsoka before we get into the heart of the main story. I know the editor says these parts are optional viewing, but I would highly recommend starting with these as they're excellent and only add to the overall story (especially in introducing Ventress).

Moving up the introduction of Madalore and teasing Maul in season 1 is brilliant! It gives the series an ever present threat that keeps you invested and excited to see more. The interlude before season 3 where the Tales of the Jedi episode is cut with the Forces of Destiny shorts was a highlight for me for how well it's edited together and how it provides further development for characters that don't get too much screentime.

On a technical note, the editing is pretty seamless, other than a few minor audio transitions and the ends of just a few episodes. However, simultaneously there are episodes where the music in the end credits fades in before it cuts and it's beautiful. Everything else is sheer perfection. There is such an incredible attention to detail. It's clear a lot of care went into this edit.

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