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This was a slightly difficult review, as I both wanted to be fair but also truthful. I really struggled to determine how many points to take off for issues, but that's partially due to the sheer scale of this edit. Sure, I noticed issues every once in a while, but how numerous were they in relation to the total number of edits?

So, here's the review: this edit is the best way to watch this show. Start to end, it strengthens the weak points and highlights the existing strengths. It cuts out a lot of fat and is, for the most part, seamless in its edits. It's what those of us who love the show already remember watching, and what those who couldn't get into it needed in order to have a chance to get into it.

To begin, some favorite bits:

- The decision to use the Mandalore story as a narrative spine is very good - it is definitely already a central story of the show (as evidenced by the finale), so this decision makes that more evident.
- The structure of each season is a huge improvement over the original show.
- It's just... fun to watch this way. So much of it just feels like how the show should have been, so it's almost hard to find individual things to highlight because when the edit is at its best, you're not noticing it.

However, I have the following criticisms:

- There are a few really harsh edits - some of them visual, but most often audio (especially at the ends of episodes). The audio edits are definitely far more noticeable than the video edits. I definitely understand how difficult some of the edits are to make, but I really hope we see some improvements in future versions! These are what hold the edit back from feeling completely polished.
- I'm not a big fan of the use of the Cinematic Captures video for the Anakin/Obi discussion. I find it very distracting to have such a huge shift in animation style in-episode. This isn't a deal-breaker at all, but I would love an alternate cut.
- I would love an extended cut of the Mortis arc. I know it's not for everyone, but I think too much was cut out, to the point where it almost feels more like watching a recap than the actual story.
- Others have mentioned it, but the Domino to Rookies cut is a little abrupt. This is easily my smallest complaint (as, on the flip side, it actually does a much better job than the original show at making it clear these are the same clones).
- The senate hostage inclusion in the holocron heist doesn't completely make sense to me. I know this isn't the only edit to combine them in this way, but it left me a little confused. Why did Cad Bane bother with the hostages? If it were a distraction, why weren't the different operations going on at the same time? I know that the reason is "these are separate episodes that were combined", but it'd be nice if this could be a little cleaner somehow.

I want to be as clear as possible that the above criticisms are not reasons to not watch this edit. This is the best way to watch the show - the flaws of this edit are, frankly, nowhere near as significant as the flaws of the original show. Further, this edit is still ongoing! I just checked the document today and noticed there was a brand new hour-long episode available. I'm confident that this edit will be near flawless by the time EddieDean hangs up his hat. I will return to this review when we reach that point!

To EddieDean: thanks for your hard work on this! I can't imagine the hours that must have gone into this project, but they have surely paid off.

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Owner's reply June 25, 2023

Thanks very much for the review - that's all very fair!

Regarding some of your valid criticisms-
- I'm always eager to polish noticeable video and audio edits, if you (or anyone else reading this) spots any that stand out, let me know in the forum thread (ideally with timecodes).
- I think you're right on the Cinematic Captures content. A few have said this. What I'll do (when I next have time for a polish pass) is cut that out of the episode, so the full episode is just the normal style, and simply add a link to the CC video on Youtube as a separate item in the list.
- I'm personally very happy with my trims to Mortis - I think it makes it much more of an inexplicit vision built on dream logic, but I have heard the same. I plan to release a few optional extended versions of some episodes - and I'll do the same for this.
- I've also heard the same regarding the Rookies/Cadets/Troopers trilogy. I wanted to give the characters a bit more of an arc, but people have found those cuts a bit too severe. I'll look to replace this with one that adheres a bit more closely to the original structure, losing more of the arc but making for a smoother experience. And rather than explicitly call out the time skip, I guess I'll just wipe into it, and just imply it instead.
- As for the hostage/holocron episode, there's not too much I can do here.. Ultimately it needs to be read as a distraction to cause Republic security services to go into disarray, but I agree that ideally that would be a little more clear. It's unfortunate, but I think on balance we're still extracting the most quality from the source material this way.

Either way, many thanks for your input, and I'm really glad you're enjoying it!

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