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Now, this is far from your typical fanedit. We have here an incredibly intricate, multifaceted, living project which allows the viewer total latitude as to what is going to be seen, how, and when.

I myself have to say this very latitude is worth an incredible amount, as I myself am forever attached to smudger9’s five magnificent film edits, and so then, without missing a beat, pick up on season 3.

Clone Wars is a flawed masterpiece of storytelling (the best kind?), making sure we are swept along its arc dutifully. Eddie has here captured the essence of it: no “news on the March” narration, but instead a very compelling opening, musical accompaniment setting the stage. This is the Way.

Clone Wars had an assumed tendency to silliness, jettisoned here. We have instead a lean, hard vision, and while we have those battle droids still to contend with (“uh…sir…”) and some dialogue that’s a real scream (“I sense Dooku’s dirty hand in this!” - Padme), it’s all part of the journey.

From seasons 3 to 5 here, I’m not the biggest on the banking clan and “politics of war” eps, but the beauty is being able to create your own. Eddie has fashioned it so no matter your path, you’ll still end up with your breath stolen away at that finale. It’s as good as ever (*Eddie, any way you could cut to a reverent black for 10 seconds or so after that final shot before the credits?)

One of the newest pleasures of fan editing I have encountered. Bravo and thanks, indeed, Eddie, for sharing the journey. My daughter and I just finished the finale and she was absolutely blown away. Star Wars is inevitably part of her life, and your presentation of this story is one that should be introduced to everyone this new generation.

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