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This review was a long time coming. I think I finished watching this edit a bit over a year ago. Visual and audio quality appear nearly flawless. Others pointed out some issues, but I personally was unable to notice anything personally. Heck, to edit this volume of material and have it mostly accurate is an incomprehensible achievement in of itself.

This Clone Wars project took a monumental effort over the course of several years with ongoing continuous improvement editing an entire TV series - this requires much more blood, sweat, and tears compared to an edit of a single movie. Besides the Clone Wars, the edit includes the Ahsoka material from Tales of the Jedi and a portion of the Tartakovsky Clone Wars where Anakin is knighted.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed nearly all of the material (I had a few issues, but there is no such thing as 100% agreement - expanded upon in the next paragraph). The editor accomplished removing nearly all of the excessively childish material that dragged down the show.

I liked the spreadsheet the editor utilizes to organize all the content of the edit. Every single episode will have a corresponding link to a detailed description of the edit to the individual episode. The editor provides recommendations in the spreadsheet for which episodes to watch depending on what you are looking for. That makes it easy to skip episodes you have no interest in. In that regard, you can make the Clone Wars narrative effectively perfect for your own viewing pleasure. Unfortunately, some of the weaker episodes still need to be viewed as they intertwine with the rest of the material, but the editor does a fine job of minimizing the weakness of those episodes.

I want to thank the editor for sharing this with me. It provided great pleasure and I strongly recommend this to other [animated] Star Wars fans as well. An absolute must-watch over the original without question.

Job well done here.

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