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I really enjoyed this edit. It reduces bloat, cheese, arbitrary changes to characters and canon, and flows well. Nice and fast. Quite a lot is cut but you won't miss it -- with one exception, to which I will return. Some excesses remain in the film e.g. Wolverine using his claws to turn his bike around, but I can't see how every bit of excessive stuff could have been cut. I am also not sure it must all be cut, anyway: we're talking about a character with essentially fantastic abilities, a metal skeleton based on an imaginary mineral etc., so the bar for realism is already pretty low.

There are a few bits where audio transitions are notable, but nothing serious.

The only real criticism I have is that too much of Kayla/ Silver Fox is cut. The story about the Trickster, the revelation about her sister, and her revenge on William Stryker at the end could have been kept while meeting the aims of the fan-edit and the absence does weaken her quite a lot as a character -- and in consequence, our understanding of the relationship with Logan.

But look, this is subjective, my preference , and should in no way discourage you from seeing this fan-edit.

Way better than the original.

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