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(Updated: January 10, 2014)
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out of all the classic arnold films for some reason conan is a film i haven't re-watched to often, the last time i saw it was around 5 years ago and i felt it was a little ponderous at best. this version quickens the pace moving the film along while never feeling as if anything major had been removed that spoils the narrative.

the new soundtrack works really well in telling the story without any dialogue at the start of the film. having not read too much info regarding the edit i thought maybe the hole film would be like this. luckily there is dialogue that breaks the music throughout the edit.

i guess to really enjoy the edit you have to be a fan of the music and to be honest it's not my cup of tea. i also feel that the edit could have included sound effects during these music parts. for me the muted sound with the music playing over would have benefited with some sound effects because when the song finishes we then return to the conan film in which there isn't any music so we hear all the background noises (if that makes sense)

overall i enjoyed conan a lot more this time time around but it still isn't an arnie film that i see myself returning to soon.

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