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FanFix July 15, 2012 2633
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Well I just finished watching this and overall I think it was very well done.

Presentation: I thought the DVD menu design was great. It looked pretty darn professional (in my humble opinion ).

Movie: I liked the opening, but I have to agree with UnknwnFactor in that the Senate hearing was not necessary and actually showing the aftermath of Elle in the pod gives too much away. Although I’m not sure how the editing would have to be changed in order to do this. So I respect your choices.

Getting rid of the romance and God/religion aspects was great and definitely helped the pacing tremendously.

The ending was well done and it is nice that it comes full circle at the end.

Video editing: Im not a seasoned editor but in my amateur opinion the editing was pretty flawless. The image quality was pretty amazing. (Within the first 10 minutes of watching, i paused and went back to the thread in the forums concerning the fanedit, to see that you were using the Blu-Ray source).

Audio editing: There was nothing jarring that stood out to me.

Overall I would rate this a solid 8/10. Great job.
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