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The countdown has begun.....

This was a great edit that I wasn't sure what the end result would be because at no point do our heroes cross paths. If anything, the bridging character is The Monitor. This is a very unique and fun way to see how all of these stories build towards the inevitable and what motivations our heroes have when the crisis arrives.

As I followed the progress on this edit in the forum thread, I was worried that it would feel like a long clip show that gave us the essential info, but I'm glad that that is NOT the case. While we do have multiple stories running at once, they are all as fleshed out as they can be and it never feels like its 2+ hour running time. At the point that these episodes had aired, I was still fully immersed in the Arrowverse, so I remembered most of what was going on, but anything you don't remember can be inferred in the dialogue. I will say that this is not something to dive into blind. You really need to know each show to follow what's happening, but honestly, who is watching Infinity War/Endgame without watching at least a couple of the movies that came before it?

Bob's Arrowverse movies are needed now more than ever with Marvel's newest phase being a bit daunting and subpar and DC films going through it's own crisis and eventual rebirth. Like his previous edits, they are a reminder of what was good in the Arrowverse and leaves you wondering what it would've been like if they weren't bogged down by large episode amounts and could have the freedom and budget to make half the amount of episodes with a better focus.

While the world is running to see Avatar 2, I'm here waiting to run and watch the next BionicBob Arrowverse edit. Keep 'em coming!
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