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TV-to-Movie September 09, 2022 2760
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The Peak of the Arrowverse! This edit made the 4 part crossover into quite an enjoyable movie and one that went by with the speed of the Flash leaving me hopeful like Supergirl for more to come and ready for more comic action like Arrow. This edit is a LEGEND!

Every cut was seamless and the audio was well done considering how the music always has a bit of a swell before a commercial break. The Olicity drama has been minimized (personal preference would've been to cut back a little more, but that's because of my feelings in regards to that relationship) and without all of the inner workings of each shows drama being scaled back, we get to be fully immersed in the tragic and heroic exit of a favorite character. If you don't shed a tear, double check that you have a pulse!

In all honesty, there is literally nothing I can say to be more constructive. This is was I want to see in a major crossover event and I'm SUPER excited for Bob's Crisis on Infinite Earths movies.

Bob's love for these comic book heroes shines through and makes us believe an Arrowverse can fly (when the melodrama is scaled back and the character interactions are highlighted).
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