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Spence's re-emergence on the forum to reveal plans of a second Daredevil edit, as well as Uncanny Antman's reveal that he too was working on an edit of the film, inspired me to revisit the director's cut of the film, as well as Spence's first Daredevil edit. I hadn't watched either cut in years so it was nice to watch them both so close together.

The director's cut is definitely the better of the two official cuts, but there are still some problems with it. Spence's edit attempts to rectify this, and does so, but only to a certain extent. There are still some moments I would have liked to have seen gone, but it's a step in the right direction.

Audio/Video Quality:

The video was perfect, except for one instance. During the transition from the scene with Matt in the sensory deprivation tank, to the scene from his childhood when he's blinded, there is a very brief instance of artifacting. It only lasts for a split second, but it is noticeable. The audio was good, but loses some points for being 2.0 instead of 5.1.

Visual Editing:

The editing wasn't bad, but there were several places were it was obvious that stuff was cut or rearranged. It could also be because I watched the director's cut yesterday and this edit today, so I was more aware of what should go where. Some of it is also due to the low background audio seeming to end abruptly in some instances. It's not really that distracting though.

Audio Editing:

Aside from the audio issue I mentioned above, which I really consider more of a visual editing issue than an audio one, there were a couple of times where the audio completely cut out. During both instances though it was right after something was said, so nothing was really lost, but it is really noticeable and kinda distracting.

The only other audio issue I have is with the replacement of the Evanescence song during Elektra's training montage. The new song that was used, an instrumental by Linkin Park, just doesn't gel with the scene. And while I was watching that scene I couldn't help but feel like the tv was on mute and the song was playing on the stereo.


Nothing's changed in regards to the story so I guess I'd give this a perfect score.


I'm one of the people who actually loves the movie. I saw it opening day, bought the 2-disc theatrical cut on DVD, the director's cut on DVD, and the director's cut on Blu-Ray. Since the director's cut was used as the source I'm going to compare it against that cut.

For me the director's cut is an 8 out of 10. It would have been a 10 out of 10 if they hadn't included the origin story, cut some of the "humor" that's still present from the theatrical cut, and various little bits that bugged me. Now obviously they couldn't get rid of the origin story since this is Daredevil's first film, but they should have been able to get rid of the lame jokes and over-the-top moments that are standard in your run of the mill superhero movie. Daredevil isn't your typical superhero though, he's your average everyday guy, who just happens to don a costume and fight crime at night. He's a dark and serious character, basically Marvel's answer to Batman, and he deserves a more grown up film.

For the most part Spence didn't make any big changes, mostly trimming bits here and there, trying to make the film more serious. Unfortunately though he decided to leave some the of the "humor" intact. The biggest offenders being the scene with Bullseye on the plane and the scene at the end when Bullseye kills a fly.

What he did that I loved though was start the film during Quesada's trial instead of starting with the origin story. The origin story has been severely trimmed down, and split in two parts, which are shown as flashbacks. While I appreciate that he really cut down on the origin story I would have preferred if he had cut it out altogether.

Despite leaving some of the "humor" intact, and not getting rid of the origin story completely, I'd have to say that I did enjoy this cut more than the director's cut. But only slightly.
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