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I usually don't like watching edits of movies I plan to edit in the future, but I made an exception for this one because I saw how much passion and effort went into it in the ITW thread.
I have to say I enjoyed this edit a hell of a lot more than I enjoyed the original. I haven't seen DKR in a long time, but I'm fairly confident every change made here was for the better.
I did feel that the pacing and even the dialogue in a few places was too fast for me, but that's an issue inherited from the theatrical cut.
All of the dialogue editing was exceptional. There was one line that stuck out to me. When Blake reveals that Gordon told him who batman was the word "Wayne" doesn't match very well with the rest of the sentence in terms of the tone of his voice, although the lip synching is excellent. It might have only stuck out to me because I was aware of that particular line edit going in, but it did strike me as a bit of an obvious edit.
Other than that line, I have no complaints, and I would recommend this to anyone who likes the Dark Knight Trilogy.

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