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The Dark Knight Rises was one of those films I just acknowledged. I remember seeing it once in a drive-in theater when it came out but never again. Just in little bits and pieces. After seeing a ton of reviews years later, and finally watching it again on TV I came to the quick conclusion.

It sucked.

Were there good moments? Absolutely. Were there bad? Abso-freaking-lutely. Most of the issues lied in the writing. Moments that just happen in the story and you're left to ask: "Why?"

Why does Blake just know Bruce is Batman?
Why is Talia the kid that escaped the pit? Why would Ra's do that to his own daughter? (That part specifically just felt like they needed a twist at the end)

While the Ascends edit doesn't make the movie a flawless film, there's only so much you can do with a shaky foundation, it makes the movie the best it can be. Bumping up my personal score from a 7.5-8 to a 8.5-9.


The only flaws I have with the edit in particular are little nitpicks. One larger one is the removal of the "Robin" plot-line at the end. While I remember audibly groaning when they outright called him Robin, I thought him finding the batcave, while a little sequel-baiting, could further show that this Gotham's future is protected. And with the "Robin" moment, I'd almost want to see if either AI voice cloning or a quick little voice-edit could be used to have the woman say "Richard" instead of Robin. I feel like that wouldn't be too on-the-nose.


Thanks DonkeyKonga for taking the time to fix what many would call a lacking finale to a trilogy and turning it into something more fitting. Highly, HIGHLY recommend to those on the fence.

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