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Another killer Batman edit by Donkey!
I don't know TDK by heart, so I wasn't aware of most of the changes while watching. In fact, looking back at the changelist, I didn't notice anything other then some memorable lines that were cut and the changes made to the parade scene (which were definitely better).
The inserted lines and shots were done so well I had no idea they were even there except for the shot of the knife which I was looking for because of the ITW thread.
The sonar sequence was also much improved. I love the original, and this version basically removes all of the little issues I had with it to make it even better.
As for the narrative changes [SPOILERS] I have to say that I completely disagree with changing the result of the boat. Personally, I think it's very important that they, as a group, would murder the prisoners, but none of them individually could do it.
As for the other narrative change, it was so well done and down right sensible that I honestly couldn't tell what had been changed at first. I had to really think about how the original went before I remembered it because Donkey's version is frankly the way that scene should have been from the beginning.

So other than two audio issues, I'd call this a perfect edit. And if I want to watch TDK again, it'll be this version.
100% Recommend.

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