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So, how do you get to Shell Beach and when was the last time you saw daylight?

I think I may only be able to answer one of those questions. But now is not the time for spoilers...Let's get on with the review!

It's one of those films you have to be in the mood to watch. I had already seen the Director's Cut earlier this year, but admittedly I just wasn't in the mood and I had to stop and start a few times. Before then I had watched the original version and that was over a decade ago, which I enjoyed. But I suppose time and Dark City can both play tricks with your mind.

With Darkest City, I arrived half-hoping half-expecting that it would be a perfect blend of both the original and the directors cut. I can't tell you if that was really the case, but I did find the edit a lot easier to watch on this occasion. As others have said, scenes have been moved around and it must help with the flow of the film. Without spoiling the plot for anyone, the twists and shocks in the film stand out a little more in this, so I think the editing did improve on the film. I also noticed Richard O'Brien's presence a lot more here too. He does a brilliant job.

Another previous reviewer said the music was distracting. I disagree and I couldn't find any fault with the audio at all. The visuals look superb, which is pretty decent for an edit that'll be 15 years old in April!

Overall I don't think this influential cult sci-fic mystery will ever be a top favourite of mine, but it's a solid film and I would watch it again in another few years. I recommend it to others to give it a viewing, even if it's just to watch Richard O'Brien.

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