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dwightfry78 oct 17 2010

This was at the same time a great edit and a disappointment. A great edit because it delivered a way more enjoyable version of the movie than the original (granted, it’s been a while since I saw that, but I remember it being a great idea buried behind excessive bloat and cliches, plus giving me a literal headache because of the nonstop overloud score, both of which problems were considerably toned down in Jorge’s version) and because the editing is totally invisible regarding video, audio, and narrative rhythm, no one would say this was not a theatrical release! But a disappointment because Jorge has us used to brilliantly conceived dark endings, so it was a letdown to find out this kept the original’s Hollywood conclusion. Now, I see this edit is rather old so maybe Jorge had yet to reach his most creative self, but this screamed for a Brazil type of ending, [SPOILER]cutting right from the injection to the sunny coda, skipping the whole literal deus-ex-machina, the boom-bang climax, the Raven-like duel between John and Unmasked Vader, and all that. [/SPOILER] Maybe Jorge would consider a 2.0 version? This is too good an edit to be marred by a goofy blockbuster-type finale.

Video quality was pretty good yet far from perfect, showing some blocking and interlaced bits here and there. Audio was fine, I don’t have a proper home cinema but there doesn’t seem to be any flaws. No DVD extras.

Overall this gets an 8/10. Fine, but falling short of the standards Jorge would later achieve.
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