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TV-to-Movie February 02, 2013 7641
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Darkly Dreaming Dexter, where to start. First off I have been hyped for this edit since it's release and overall the edit pay's off. However there are a few issues that came with cutting this much material. Neg already covered the Video quality issues. However I did find that the AVI was a better quality video.

First and most notable is the lack of character development. We are thrown into Dexter's world and not introduced to the characters. It was almost like this was a sequel to a movie. That being said not much important story was lost from the support characters being cut to next to nothing or nothing at all in Rita's case. Cutting Rita and the kid's did improve the pace quite a bit.

The first 30 min of the edit play like an edit. We are thrown back in forth between scenes. For example Dex gets called to the first body. We have a flash back and now its day's later at the second body. There were other scene's that screamed that stuff had been cut. But after the first 30 min or so the edit start's to find it.s feet and flow's very well the only time that type of issue comes into play again is with Angel and the hooker lead. It jumped way to fast and was obvious something was missing. Also there were some hard audio cuts along the way but over all not to bad in most cases.

With all the negative out of the way i can say i did enjoy the edit once it got rolling and past the jarring cuts. the second half of the edit did a great job of condensing most of the important stuff.

Good job sir
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