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Movie-to-TV April 28, 2023 2011
(Updated: May 16, 2023)
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I feel this edit needs some work, what I would have done is this: Let it be the whole DCEU story, from Wonder Woman-Wonderwoman-84, then snyders trilogy, then Aquaman, then finally Aquaman 2? but conclude with the flash and heres why:

From what we know MOS & BVS have coliding timelines, & WW is in BVS making me think her story takes place all the way back in like WW1 time, then you have her 1984 story and a missing chapter, from 1984 to BVS so what you can do is just maybe have her two stories take place and then the Snyder trilogy, then Aquaman bc he learns to become Aquaman in JL, then end it with the flash when that releases, maybe as a post-credit scene put the flash trailer?

Look my main critiques are this, it's not in timeline order and I feel it's not well done enough. I really think you should seperate the files you send as 1 episode each and put the fan edit intros and title cards before it starts, maybe the WB logo too, because to me it feels like your watching this and just get plopped into MOS, I think you need to put title cards with timeline stamps: Like maybe do Wonder Woman's story in episodes so episode 1 would be called perhaps: A Goddess Emerges and then the year that takes place.

With all that said this is a good edit, I just think it needs some rearrangements! :)

I know my thoughts are convoluted, I'd be interested in working together, just let me know your thoughts. :)

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(Updated: May 18, 2023) May 11, 2023
A lot of thought went into the narrative that was chosen. You make some good points. Thank you for your feedback.
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