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It had been a long time (years) since I had last watched my copy of The Departed, and I decided to take advantage of this oppotunity to experience Neglify's alternate take. The energetic pace, charisma, and focus of this version really engaged me -- had to use the restroom halfway through but decided to hold it in my own home.

First of all, by making who the mole is a reveal, this edit untangles what was a convoluted setup in the original. But that may prove to be a bad thing for certain fans of the original cut, as that convoluted nature was part of its premise and appeal. In excising this, Recut by Neglify changes the film from a tense cat and mouse between two main characters into a thriller centered around one main character, Billy Costigan (Leonardo DiCaprio).

This simplification was executed very well and to fantastic effect. I always felt more connected with the struggle of Costigan, and with Sullivan relegated to a supporting role and no knowledge that a mole even exists for some time, Costigan's story is allowed to resonate on its own. The film was able to focus in on his peril, paranoia, and isolation which are strong enough to carry this film on their own but got lost in the shuffle of the original.

This edit also strengthened Costello. There is now a build-up to his first appearance, and his presence is far more intimidating when only seen from Costigan's point-of-view. Likewise, Sullivan is far easier to like and relate to earlier on in this version. Despite losing the background between Costello and the mole, this edit makes up for it by emphasizing the arc of Costello and Costigan's developing father/son relationship, culminating in a scene between Costello and the mole that gives greater incite into what Costello saw in Costigan.

A lot is lost -- two supporting characters show up at the resolution whose screentime is almost nothing in this cut -- but a lot is gained. I may even slightly prefer Neglify's cut. For those willing to watch a completely different take on this Academy Award Winner, The Departed Recut by Neglify is a solid 9.5/10.
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