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(Updated: June 02, 2017)
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Finally got round to watching this edit and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm a huge fan of the original Alien, but less so of Prometheus and Covenant. Personally I just found the mythology that those 2 films introduces removes some of the shock and misfortune the crew in Alien would have felt.

Overall I found the black and white edit nicely, particularly in scenes with the alien making it more inline with the original Giger artwork, as well as providing a similar tone across the 2 films. The overall pacing works especially well for the first 90 mins, with scenes replicating between the films such as the waking up, landing, exploration etc. Its actually hard to tell if this down to purely good editing or if Prometheus is aping the flow of the original.

Later on however the pacing of Prometheus ramps up considerably, and the juxtaposition of films in the last hour can seem a little jarring, particularly between the more violent deaths of Prometheus vs the less is more of Alien. That said, there is a great transition between Weyland's awakening and Ripley's questioning MUTHR that was a highlight of the edit for me.

My only gripe with the edit is that it felt like it minimised some of Ripley's assertiveness, particularly over her colleagues by removing some of the more off the cuff and sarcastic dialogue with them. However overall it was a thoroughly enjoyable way of enjoying the 2 films and putting them in a new perspective. Definitely recommended for fans of the franchise.

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