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I will try to describe my review without giving away spoilers :)
I loved that the movie starts how it starts, everything before that never really mattered anyway and the audience is only interested in the park, to begin with.

I enjoyed the added deleted scenes and they blend in really well in my opinion and made the movie feel fresher to me since I already know the movie quite well.

I agree with all scenes that were cut, I only wished the kind of annoying "greek looking guy" from the control room would have cut down a bit. It takes me out of the movie that he talks to his boss(es) quite critically and cynically, he would be the first to be fired in real life lol. Also, I am not sure that his "insights" are quite needed for the audience since Owen is rightfully the one that lays out the moral scruples in this movie since he has a relationship with some of the dinosaurs.

Lastly, I loved how the movie starts (the opening) but the title of the movie quite got me out of it. It made me feel like I am watching a spoof of the real movie. "A New Jurrasic World" or something closer to the original title would have done it way better for me!

The new color grading worked really well also! :)

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