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This is one of those edits that resonated very strongly with me - particularly in regard with the restructured narrative. First, I want to just get through some visual and audio critiques to follow with what I loved about this edit.

The only visual issue notable to me was the quick cut after Wanda reveals her knowledge of America to Strange. We are hit with a signficant piece of information and I think it is critical that we have a couple of seconds to digest this information before moving on to the next scene. Other then that, visual quality was great. That includes portions that were regraded and recolored. In fact, it is a great achievement that I found it difficult to spot other issues with all the restructuring done in this edit, including inserting the animated dream sequences.

With regard to the audio, I noted right away the first dream sequence appeared clearly lower in volume right after the opening interview. To go on, I noted that nearly all the action sequences in the movie appeared to have a noticeable increase in volume that made it rather noticeable. Generally, I expect the action to be louder, but not to the point of it being noticeably louder then the rest of the movie.

The best work done in this edit was easily the narrative. It really made this a stronger movie versus the much more disjointed way it came across in the theatrical edition. Right off the bat, I loved the insertion of the contentious interview. It sets up the rest of the movie perfectly. We are shown Strange's desire for control and inability to let go of his power along with potential selfish motives for his seemingly righteous acts. These themes also strongly connected to Wanda's character as well.

If the editors intended this movie to demonstrate the growth of Stephen and Wanda learning to grow as people by the concept of letting things go and the need to know when to give up, then mission accomplished. This theme is something that is universal and everyone should be able to relate to. What really helped this message was the significant toning down of Wanda's evil actions. By removing a large portion of her cartoonish evil, she actually became more relatable and sympathetic versus the Wanda we got in the theatrical edition. Not perfect, but still a huge improvement.

The animated "dreams" also helped in promoting the stated goals ot the editors without disrupting the narrative and pacing. It also seemed to help Strange understand and relate to Wanda much better as well exactly as the editors intended.

Other things I really liked included the toning down of fan service elements with characters from other Marvel franchises that added nothing to the movie along with removing the extra eye on Strange. That eye really annoyed me. That might be my favorite cut to this movie!

I want to thank tremault for sharing the edit with me. Both editors really did a great job with this. It a solid movie for people of all ages and a theme that everyone can relate to.

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