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This is an effectively condensed version of the Day of the Doctor story. It refocuses the narrative onto the Zygon threat which makes it feel more like a regular episode with a cool gimmick rather than a special event. Despite a slightly awkward beginning the editing holds up nicely. It doesn't feel like much is missing until the end. Having Gallifrey be destroyed rather than saved is a bold choice, and something I personally would have preferred way back when this aired, but removing most of the end of the special does make it feel slightly truncated. The Zygon issue is solved very suddenly, and although the transition from Clara's conversation with the War Doctor to him activating the moment is very cool, the fact that no other characters react to it makes it feel out of place. Without going back and watching the original, I can't if there's a better way to pull off this ending. But I will say that the beginning could have been improved by opening with John Hurt's doctor and sticking with him until he sees the Fez. In my opinion, this would have eased viewers into the story more easily. As is, you feel kind of dropped in.

All said, I'm not sure if this is an improvement to the original, but it's definitely an interesting edit that's worth watching.

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