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February 8, 2011

My review is PURELY based on my wife and her viewing of this edit. I downloaded it for her and her friend and showed her how to stream this to our tv. (Of course, doing something like this for my wife and her friend – points being scored for me!)

I only completely watched this initial opening and ending – to watch the the new titles.

I also popped in and out of our rec room in our basement while they watched it, to get a look at the overall quality etc. of the edit.

****NOTE: My wife is a very astute movie watcher and she has watched about 20 fanedits with me over the past 14 months or so. I have also used her to watch portions of my own edits etc. In other words, I trust her feedback completely ****

Okay, so this happens to be one of my wife’s favorite musicals and she was very excited to get to watch an extended version (thank you Wraith for helping score some BIG points with my wife!)

Both of them found the video quality to be excellent and neither of them notice any issues form start to finish. The sound quality was on par and the only time they turned up the amp was to sing along with some of the songs — not because the edit has low audio – only because they wanted the songs to be loud. (thank god for a two-story house with a basement!!)

I didn’t tell my wife about Wraith’s intent of the edit etc – they watched it with no prior knowledge. Her very first comment to me after they had watched it (and I felt I could now stomach coming back down to our rec room – you see, their singing was over and all …) was that the movie now seemed more evenly paced and not so disjointedly wild in spots.

Wraith has achieved his intent marvelously! Neither of them noticed any issues where the new material was inserted etc.

I liked the opening credits very much – they definitely seemed to fit in nicely with the original movie, and my wife’s friend didn’t realize that these were Wraith’s credits until I explained it to her.

From me:

Video 5/5
Audio 5/5

Amount of cool points from wife achieved: 1,000/1,250 (I lose 250 points for not watching it with her) ;-)

Final thought: I don’t really watch many extended cuts but this one was well-done and the material incorporated back into the movie is a benefit, not a detractor.

Good job, Wraith!
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