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I watched this awhile ago and forgot to write a review. So I watched it again. And here's the review:

Very, very well done! Rogue set out to make a 30 minute version of Dredd, and he accomplished just that. There are no plot holes, continuity errors or anything like that. If someone who hadn't seen the original film watched this, they wouldn't realize anything was cut. Well, yeah they probably would have, because it's 30 minutes long and is divided into two parts. Normal movies aren't like that.

Anyway before I saw Dredd I was almost entirely unfamiliar with the character. Now, because of Dredd, I am a bit more familiar. Does this edit satisfy comic fans? No idea. But I'd like to think so. I don't know why it wouldn't. If you liked the theatrical version, you'll like this. I don't know if you'll like it more, though. Next time I feel like watching Dredd, I'll probably just watch the original version. But, if I'm in a crunch for time, I know I'll watch this. Because this digest is a fun fest.

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