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This is basically the same movie - I don't believe there are any visual changes, only the soundtrack swap. And there is still one track from the original soundtrack. The new Radiohead music works well, it just didn't appeal to me over the music for the original version of the movie. I think part of the preference is the variety of artists and styles, versus the same style with Radiohead. But I think all the Radiohead music chosen here was new to me, and good, so no complaints there.

I take off one point in Video editing because there is a continuity flaw in the original film and not fixed here: when the Kid approaches the Mustang to insert the slimjim, he has on his driving gloves, but in the next shot, removing the slimjim, he is barehanded. Then he gets into the car with gloves on. That second shot could easily have been cut to remove that jarring error. I understand the point of the edit is solely to use Radiohead music and not change the movie, but I think this is such a small change,*and* it's not creative but corrective, so I need to see that shot gone.

I take off one point for the Radiohead song starting with what I'll have to call "tape noise" like something The Beatles would do with Phil Spector, and that was kinda jarring; I think the track should have been cut to remove that starting portion, or it could have faded in after that stuff, when the song really begins with actual music and lyrics. Otherwise, everything was good, and it was very cool to revisit this movie - which was badass, with a great mood delivered by its soundtrack - and get an alternate auditory experience.

For Radiohead fans, this is probably the go-to version; for movie buffs or "Drive" fans, it's worth seeing (*hearing*) for sure!

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