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Dune is a great book. Herbert really nailed it (the later books in the series not so much).
Dune is a great movie. Lynch got the world building and atmosphere gorgeously right, and filled them with beautiful actors and mesmerizing music.
Sadly, the movie of Dune is also a mess on multiple fronts. The many dvd and blu-ray editions have visual and audio flaws. The Theatrical cut leaves out too much, the Extended cut is notorious for being thrown together by, seemingly, a Universal first-year intern. Lynch's unique style adds a love-it-or-hate-it weirdness.

In comes this Deluxe Edition, and it looks and sounds deluxe indeed.
The narrative is improved compared to both the Theatrical and Extended version. The pace is more balanced and the added shots and scenes increase our immersion in the world of Dune (without the weak bits that were added into the Extended).
Visuals are cleaner and more enjoyable across the board.
Audio is nicely improved in the richness of sounds and music.

15MaF's edit differs from my personal dream edit in only a few spots.
For the narrative, I would've left in Stilgar's line that Liet was Chani's father and trimmed his explanation of how to ride a worm (that's a tough monologue!).
For the audio I found three short transitions distracting, though the worst of that is native to the film. That's much better than either the Theatrical or the Extended versions, but falls short of complete perfection.

The minutiae of my criticism shows you that, yes, this is now my go-to version of Dune on any big screen and good stereo. My previous go-to, Spicediver's edit, is hereby relegated to small screen only.

(Full disclosure: I made English subtitles for this edit, so I am biased in its favor but also extra critical).

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