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FanFix October 07, 2020 9031
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This edit is a really impressive work. Reading the 'changes' section made me realize just how much love was put into fixing many of the inherent technical issues I had never even noticed in the theatrical cut or my personal favorite edit (Spicediver's Alternative Edition Redux). For that alone this edit almost got perfect 10s all around.
Almost. I deducted one point off of visual editing because of two or three glaring visual skips - two of which were in the TC but I think should have been fixed, especially given the amount of work already put in this edit. The third one (at 2:22:53) was also an audio editing glitch, but I couldn't deduct any points in this category after the beautiful fix to the Paul/Feyd fight. Wow. A total restructuring of the audio in that scene, and a nice workaround to circumvent Thufir Hawat's death.
Which brings us to the narrative in this edit. As others mentioned, the TC is clunky and not much can be done about it, but the extended editions added some context which I felt was missing from this edit.

So to summarize - a beautiful and loving treatment to a classic. Highly recommended,

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